Al-amour Industrial And Trading is a leading manufacturer and fabricator for huge Metallic Reservoirs. Metalic Reservoirs consist of steel sheet panels with bridge-like solidity and resilience built in. Al-Amour Reservoirs are avalable in several capacities ranging from 50m3 to 1500m3 . The reservoirs are assembled on site, using welding and bolts.

Al-Amour reservoirs are constructed for various applications, such as:
• Drinking water
• Agricultural
• Construction sites
Over the past 15 years Al-Amour have produced numerous  reservoirs with various capacities in different area’s among the west bank and Gaza strip. Al-Amour executed reservoirs in the following regions:
•         Tulkarem
•         Nablus
•         Jenin
•         Jericho
•         Salfeet
•         Gaza