Considering the importance of material grade reliability in pipe and profile manufacturing,  Alamour industrial And Trading is proud of having established its reputation as one of the leading rolled steel manufacturers for specialty pipe and profile applications. We continue to expand our portfolio by continuously investing activities and upgrading our manufacturing processes.

Alamour Industrial And Trading not only provide specialty materials with easy welding and forming characteristics, but also provide its customers with additional services such as production of pipes and profiles to a certain length beyond the standard.

In order to be able to offer a better quality in all our products, strict quality controls are applied during the manufacturing. Our aim is to give better service, with delivery times adapted to the requirements of the customers. 



 Alamour Industrial And Trading manufactures a wide range of Hot Rolled Steel (HR- Black), Galvanized (GI) and Cold Rolled Steel (CR) pipes. Pipes are cold rolled to the required diameters and thicknesses and welded along their length. Pipes are manufactured using carbon steel in accordance with the Standard EN10025.

Pipe Diameters:           16mm – 2.5” (76.1 mm)

Wall Thickness:           1.0 mm – 3.5 mm

Pipe Lengths:                Standard lengths in stock are 6 and 12 meters (any length up to 12.3 m can be ordered).

Oval pipes and any special type of pipe required by the customer, custom tailored to the customer’s needs.

Alamour Industrial and Trading Pipes and Profiles are used in industry, agriculture, fencing, construction, lighting poles, traffic light poles, furniture and more…



Alamour Industrial And Trading manufactures a very broad range of square and rectangular steel tubes. Tubes category:

  1. Hot Rolled Steel (HR- Black)
  2. Galvanized (GI)
  3. Cold Rolled Steel (CR)

Square tubes are cold rolled and welded along their length.  Profiles are manufactured using carbon steel in accordance with the Standard EN10025.

Dimensions:                  15x15 mm to 60x60 mm

                                           30x20 mm to 80x40 mm

Wall Thicknesses:        1.0 mm – 3.0 mm

Lengths:  Standard lengths of 6m and 12m (different lengths at the customer’s request up to 12 meters can be ordered).

Uses: Construction and various other industries, agriculture, fencing, lighting, furniture, etc.

Strength Ratings:         S235JR / ST-37

                                          S275JR / ST-44

                                          S355JR / ST-52