The fundamental vision of the management is to expand and grow the business locally and overseas markets, where ALAMOUR strives to have an even greater presence. This is a vision the management is confident will be realized.


To provide not just physical products but enduring solutions.

To underscore all that we do with the crucial element of quality.

To be not just monetarily profitable, but to add real value to our services and to forge ties with our customers based on trustworthiness and genuine services.



The Cold Formed Steel Framing System is made from 0.8 – 2.0mm Galvanized Steel, manufactured and assembled under factory conditions into assembles parts, such as walls, roof trusses, and partitions. All system members are mechanically fastened with screws and can be assembled quickly on site or supplied pre-assembled. The steel framed housing system has several advantages being lighter weight, wider span, resistant to strong winds and earthquakes, providing greater thermal comfort and excellent noise reduction performance. It is a highly efficient, energy saving, environmentally friendly, sustainable green building system. It can be used in various residential styles, such as villas, multi-storey buildings, entertainment centers and clubs. It also can be used for adding an extra floor on existing buildings, re-roofing or adding light partitions and external claddings. Al-Amour Prefabricate System can be exported with wall frames pre-assembled with exterior claddings, insulation, and windows already installed. Trusses can also be supplied pre-assembled, making installation significantly quicker than conventional construction methods.

Moreover, Al-Amour Prefabrication provides many standard classical villa styles. Developers can not only choose from the standard designs, but can also have them customized, if required. Using advanced design software, we will provide the optimized solutions to meet customers’ needs with lower cost and high efficiency.



Design Flexibility: Light gauge steel construction can accommodate almost any style of residential or commercial or industrial structure to any acquired size.

Low Cost: Compared with concrete or other types of structures, a light gauge steel structure is lighter weight, stronger and more energy efficient and reduces the requirement on foundation loads, which can result in large scale savings in foundation costs.

Short Working Period: All the parts can be pre-fabricated in the factory and are quick to install. The sequence of design makes it possible to construct both internal and external walls simultaneously, which speeds up construction.

No Pollution: Dry construction has little environmental pollution, as all parts are connected by screws. Construction is not affected by the season, and can continue in winter. There is little scrap left on site and no water is required in the construction process.

Environmentally friendly: 100% light gauge housing frame is recyclable. There is no environmental pollution concern.



AffordabiltyALAMOUR modular, ready-made, design means lower start up costs and the advantage of being able to add to your construction as your finance allow.

Durabilty: ALAMOUR strict manufacturing process ensures that quality standards are met from start to finish. Units are reinforced by steel frames and rigid materials are considered in the facades to ensure their strength, safety and durability.L A

Sustainabilty: ALAMOUR We are very conscious of supplying a quality, yet sustainable product at all times. When you have ALAMOUR structure assembled you can rest assured that you are purchasing a unit made from renewable materials.



Customized, multi-purpose designs allow customers to customers to construct dream living or working space at an affordable price. ALAMOUR provides turnkey projects that fit your needs – from the basic foundations to the finer details within a home or office. You can expect ready-to-use space with modern design and high quality finishes.

CONTEMPORARY DESIGN: Our Architects are up-to-date with the latest trends and design practices, which they incorporate within our design offerings. ALAMOUR designs are continually refreshed and can also be customized to fit your needs.

Design and DetailOn top of totally customized home or office layout and structure, you can also choose from single or double-storey designs that have the look and feel of a conventionally constructed property.

CladdingWe offer a wide selection of interior and exterior cladding options to suit varied tastes and add a personalized touch. External options include:

- Aluminum – Alcabond

- Fiber Cement Board

- Precast cement panels

- Sandwich Panel

A variety of high quality paint and decorative panels options are available for interiors cladding, allowing you to create a warmer atmosphere for a home environment, or a more corporate look for office premises.