As part of the 5 year stratgy, the factory continues to innovate and improve on its existing products range and has done so successfully for over 12 years. Recently, Alamour Industrial And Trading has introduced itself as a major manufacturer of an integrated range of Sandwich Panels.

These products are used for roof and wall covering systems for a wide range of projects but mainly for industrial, distribution, retail and leisure developments. Alamour Industrial And Trading Sandwich Panels offers greater creativity in the concept designs, including freedom of visual choice , superior construction quality, fast build methods and reliable extended life cycle performance.

Alamour Industrial And Trading Sandwich Panels roof and wall systems provides a wide range of solutions that makes distinctive architectural statements for which exploit the wide range of aesthetic options possible  with horizontal and vertical geometry. The Panels are very well recognized by the property investors , building owners, designers and constructors and have been successfully used across the country in the construction industry on retail, distribution, commercial, agriculture packing house, move able and temporary buildings, leisure, industrial, hospital and education projects.